At LTD Escrow, we prioritize the security and authenticity of every transaction to ensure a trusted and reliable trading environment for both buyers and sellers. As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security, we require sellers to verify the ownership of their LTD accounts before opening a trade. This verification process adds an extra layer of protection against scams and unauthorized transactions.

Why is Ownership Verification Necessary?

Verifying the ownership of the LTD account is crucial to establish trust and prevent fraudulent activities within our platform. By confirming ownership, we can confidently proceed with escrow transactions, ensuring that buyers receive genuine and verified LTD accounts, and sellers are protected from any potential disputes.

How to Verify Your LTD Account Ownership

The first step is to Submit your LTD to our Marketplace , just then you will be able to verify the ownership of your LTD account.

Once your LTD is submitted to our Marketplace, buyers will not be able to send their offers or contact you to buy it.


Here's how it will look to marketplace visitors :


The next step is to verify your ownership. Please follow the steps below to complete the verification process:

1. Create a New Ticket: Open a new support ticket by navigating to This section on our website. Choose the subject "LTD Ownership Verification" when creating the ticket.

2. Upload Video Recording: In the support ticket, upload a video recording that demonstrates the process of logging into your LTD account, navigating to the account settings, and showing the email address associated with the account. Additionally, please display the account limits and tiers to complete the verification process.

   - You should start recording from your account at and make sure your account username is visible.
   - Show the login process(LTD Account) , ensuring that your login username/email is visible.
   - Navigate to the LTD account settings section, where you can display the email address linked to the account.
   - Show the account limits and tiers to validate the authenticity of your LTD account.

"We kindly request sellers to refrain from using video editing software for the ownership verification process. Instead, please utilize a video recording software/phone camera to record a video that clearly showcases the necessary steps. It's important to note that any video that has been edited using any editing software will be rejected. We require unedited, raw footage to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the verification process."

3. Await Verification: Our verification team will carefully review the video recording to confirm the ownership of your LTD account. This process may take up to 1-2 hours to ensure a thorough examination. (You can get in touch with us via Live Chat to make the verification process faster ) 

Once the ownership of your submitted LTD is verified, buyers will be able to send their offers and chat with you.


Important Note for Sellers

We have implemented the ownership verification process to ensure that sellers have proper access to the LTDs they are selling. Please note that any escrow opened for a particular LTD that has not undergone the verification process will be canceled, and the funds will be refunded to the buyer. This measure is in place to maintain the integrity of our platform and protect all users from potential fraudulent activities.

By adhering to our ownership verification process, you contribute to the overall security and trustworthiness of the LTD trading community within LTD Escrow. Rest assured that once your LTD has passed the verification, you will be able to open escrows for it without any limitations.

Important Note for Buyers

To ensure a secure and trustworthy trading experience on LTD Escrow, we urge all buyers to exercise caution and not accept any trade or engage in an escrow transaction until verifying that the seller has completed the LTD ownership verification process. This verification step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our platform and protecting you from potential fraudulent activities.

To verify if a seller has successfully undergone the ownership verification process, simply check for the blue badge verification icon in the marketplace under "Ownership Verified." If the seller has the blue badge, it means they have completed the verification process.


By taking this extra step, you contribute to the overall security and trustworthiness of the LTD trading community within LTD Escrow. We are here to support you throughout the process and ensure a seamless and protected experience.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are available via live chat to address any concerns and guide you through every step. 
Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Trade with confidence on LTD Escrow, where your security and peace of mind are our utmost priority.

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