is fast becoming one of the most prevalent method of performing online transactions . Whether you are buying or selling LTD accounts, the appeal of lies not only in the incomparable safety and security features it provides the user but also within the simplicity of the process. You don’t have to be an online expert to take full advantage of the services that delivers, it is highly recommended to beginners too!

In a nutshell is a trusted third party that collects funds and disburses them when both parties involved in an online transaction are satisfied that all terms and conditions have been met.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SELLERS : Please make sure that you have already verified the ownership of your LTD account before starting a new Escrow, our Verification process is easy and fast , Click here to know How to verify the Ownership .


As a buyer, you can explore the available LTDs for sale in our Marketplace - (Buyer View)


Once you find an interesting offer, you can click on the 'SEND AN OFFER' button. Then, enter your offer amount. The closer your offer amount is to the buyer's price, the higher the chances of getting your offer accepted. - (Buyer View)


After clicking on 'Submit Offer,' you will be redirected to the Offer page, where you can check the status of your offers and start a live chat with the seller for negotiation if needed . (Buyer View)


As a selleryou will be notified as soon as a buyer sends you an offer. You can then visit the offer page to see the received offers and decide whether to accept , reject the offer or start a live chat with the buyer for negotiation if needed- (Seller View)


If you decide to accept the offer, the buyer will be notified, and you will be able to start the escrow process.- (Seller View)



1 - To Start a new escrow as a seller, follow these simple steps : Choose the specific type of Lifetime Deal (LTD) you are offering from the available options and Enter the price of the LTD in US dollars (USD) - (Seller view)


2 - After initiating the new escrow, you have to Provide a comprehensive and accurate description of the LTD you are offering. Include all relevant information to attract potential buyers and ensure transparency as well as providing the correct buyer Username: Enter the buyer's Username correctly (As received on the notification email) . This ensures that the buyer receives a notification to join you in the escrow process. - (Seller View)


3 - After filling in the necessary details, a notification to join the escrow will be sent to the buyer. To Check the invitation status: Visit your Escrow dashboard and look for the section that displays the invitation status. This will provide information about whether the invitation has been sent to the buyer and its current status. - (Seller View)


4 - After creating an account on our platform, the buyer can proceed with accepting or cancelling the escrow. (Buyer view)


5 - After accepting the escrow, you can start engaging in escrow conversations and create milestones.

- First Start an escrow conversation: Initiate an escrow conversation by sending a message to the seller. This allows for direct communication and ensures clarity throughout the transaction process

- Then , Create a new milestone: To set specific goals or checkpoints within the escrow, click on the "See Milestones" button or option. - (Buyer view)


6 - To proceed with creating a new milestone, the buyer needs to allocate the funds for the escrow,  Before creating a new milestone, make sure you have a balance in your LTDEscrow account. If not, add funds to your account through the available deposit methods.

Within the milestone creation interface, specify the amount you wish to allocate for that particular milestone. Enter the exact amount in the designated field.

Note: It's important to note that you should have a sufficient balance in your LTDEscrow account to cover the milestone amount before attempting to create a new milestone.

By following these steps, you can successfully fund the escrow by allocating the desired amount for a specific milestone. This ensures that the necessary funds are available to proceed with the escrow transaction on our platform. - (Buyer View)


7 - After creating a milestone, it will initially appear as "Unfunded." To fund the escrow for the specific milestone,  Next to the unfunded milestone, you will see a "Pay Now" button or option. (Buyer View)



8 - Click on the "Pay Now" button to initiate the funding process for the selected milestone. This action ensures that the required funds are allocated to the escrow for that particular milestone. (Buyer View)



9 - Once The milestone is paid and the escrow is funded you can ask the seller to check the milestone status , so he can start transferring the LTD account details (Buyer View) .


10 - As a Seller, it is crucial to ensure a secure and smooth transaction process by following these important steps:

1. Confirm milestone payment and escrow funding: Before proceeding, verify that the milestone has been paid and the escrow is funded. This ensures that the necessary funds are available to complete the transaction.

2. Share LTD account details through our Escrow Chat system: To provide the Buyer with the LTD account details, use our secure Escrow Chat system. It is essential to adhere to our terms of usage and prioritize safety by conducting all communication and transfers exclusively within our platform,

Note: It is essential to strictly follow these guidelines to protect both Sellers and Buyers. Communication and transfers outside our secure platform, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or other chat channels, may put the transaction at risk and violate our terms of usage.

After sending the LTD account details via our Escrow Chat system, our verification team will review the communication to confirm that all the required information has been shared between the Seller and Buyer. This verification step ensures the safety and integrity of the transaction.

By adhering to these steps, Sellers can securely provide the necessary LTD account details to Buyers through our Escrow Chat system, ensuring a safe and reliable transaction experience on - (Seller View) 


11 - As a Buyer, it is crucial to follow these steps to ensure a secure and successful transaction process:

1. Verify the LTD details: Thoroughly review and verify the provided LTD details, such as the account information, features, and any associated limitations or tiers. This step ensures that you have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing.

2. Connect to the account: Access the LTD account using the provided login credentials. This allows you to confirm the account's validity and existence.

3. Verify tier/limits: Check the tier or limits associated with the LTD account, if applicable. Ensure that they align with your expectations and requirements.

4. Change login information: For added security, change the login information (email/password) of the LTD account. This step helps protect your access and ownership of the account.

5. Confirm verification and details change: In the Escrow Chat, confirm to the Seller that you have successfully verified the details, connected to the account, and changed the login information. This communication serves as confirmation that the necessary steps have been taken.

By following these steps as a Buyer, you can ensure the verification of the LTD details, secure access to the account, and a smooth transaction process. Communicating the confirmation of verification and details change in the Escrow Chat helps maintain transparency and facilitates a successful transaction on our platform. - (Buyer View)


12 - Once the details of the LTD have been verified and you, as the buyer, have obtained 100% ownership of the account, it's time to proceed with dispatching the escrow payment to the seller. 

Click on the "Dispatch Payment" button to initiate the payment process. After clicking the button, a confirmation prompt will appear. Review the details of the payment once again and ensure everything is accurate. If all looks good, proceed by confirming the operation. - (Buyer View)


13 - Congratulations! You have successfully sold your account on our platform, ensuring total security and safety without falling victim to scams. To check your balance and access detailed transaction information, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Transactions Page: Navigate to the designated Transactions page or section on our platform.

2. Access Transaction Details: On the Transactions page, you will find comprehensive information regarding your account sale, including the escrow payment received and any associated fees. - (Seller View)

yGJETEX.png provides enormous benefits to both buyers and sellers no matter what area of online trading they’re involved in.

Benefits to the buyer

When making purchases online, it is hard to guarantee that you’re getting what you pay for. While confusion can often arise based on innocent misunderstandings, there are also occasions when people abuse the anonymity that the Internet provides for the purpose of deliberately misleading others to part with their money. removes all elements of doubt on the behalf of a buyer that their money will be spent exactly as intended.

Money isn’t released to the seller until they are satisfied with the LTD account and delivery are tracked by the third party which ensures that no items ‘go missing’ once a buyer has made their payment.

Benefits to the seller

The seller is notified by once they have received payment on their behalf which guarantees that as soon as the merchandise has been received payment will be made. This avoids those instances of having to chase customers for unpaid invoices or having to dispute those buyers who ‘didn’t receive’ their goods and are requesting refunds.

With, there is no need to rely on trusting a stranger to complete your online transactions. It provides a safe and secure third party environment which will ensure that your internet buying and selling take place worry-free and with ease.

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